For over 10 years The Amazing Drumming Monkeys Show has entertained thousands of children (and adults), at thousands of events around Australia and abroad. Based in Adelaide (South Australia), the Monkeys have 2 teams operating full time and therefore can perform at multiple events on any given day.

This is an adorable little variety show aimed at 1 - 8 yr olds, and is also great entertainment for all ages. The 2 monkey puppets (Bongo & Congo) play African drums, lead audiences in songs & dances, perform magic tricks and (low tech) special effects gags etc. The show also features beautiful positive messages, such as caring for our environment, and getting along with each other.

The Monkeys appeal to a great range of people, places, and events. The show has cute & funny monkeys for the kids, great drumming for the adults, variety segments for all ages, and a message for the world. The monkeys have been described as:

“Beating Hi 5 hands down" ****1/2 (Adelaide Advertiser)
“The Next Wiggles" (NT News)
“The Next Bananas!" (Triple J)

Famous all over Australia, this show is not to be missed.

Standard Show

Duration 30 mins.

This is the standard duration (30 mins) for a Monkey show and is perfect for festivals, fairs, parties, schools/kindy/childcare etc., corporate, and public events. We suggest having a number of short shows throughout the day(s) of the event. The Monkeys have a knack of building environmental themes into their show that are so packed full of fun, that the kids don't even realise that they are learning. Current themes available are “Trees", “Recycling", “The Ocean", and “The Garden".

Extended Show

Duration 45 mins.

The 45 minute show features all of the fun of the 30-minute show, but goes further into the environmental focus by including a “storytime" segment based on the theme. The extended show is perfect for theatres, libraries and schools, where the audience is more “captive". Current themes available are “Trees", “Recycling", “The Ocean", and “The Garden".


Also available with the 45 min show, is our INTERACTIVE DRUMMING SEGMENT, where we hand out lots of little drums to the audience, and everyone has a chance to play along with the Monkeys! It's the perfect ending to this already interactive show.

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